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For When You Get In Seasonal Product Lines

Posted by SafeCutters on

With spring in full force and summer quickly approaching all over the United States, it’s no wonder that most apparel stores have out their spring lines full of shorts and comfy tank tops to please all. If you work with any of these types of stores, you probably know about all the difficulties in receiving new stock and getting it on the floor for customers to be able to purchase. In fact, each seasonal change is probably the bane of your existence with all there is to do and all the problems that can come up. The last thing you would want is damaged product that needs to be sent back to the distributor or emergency room visits for any of your employees, but these things seem to be the norm. But what if they didn’t have to be?

Don’t Let Your Products Get Damaged

It doesn’t matter if you are a little, local clothing store with just one location or a big chain that operates in every state, the odds are that your retail employees will be opening boxes full of products is pretty high. If you’ve ever opened a box around Christmas time with a pair of scissors or a standard utility knife, you’ve probably had an opportunity to destroy a gift meant for you because the blade goes right through the tape and into the gift. The same is true when unboxing products at a store. While employees will try to not damage any product, when you’re working quickly and hard, odds are it’s going to happen. That product now has to be sent back and gets disposed of as unusable. What if we told you that you can virtually eliminate damaged product each time your store unboxes product for the new season? With the right safety cutter, like the Klever Excel, you can. The guarded blade protects any product from being damaged when an employee goes to open a box.

Don’t Let Your Employees Get Hurt

On top of damaged product, the rates of employee lacerations probably skyrocket around these times. Many large companies end up paying for worker’s compensation on anywhere from five to even more lacerations per month when using standard utility knives. This can quickly add up in both medical bills and in lost time. Injured employees are going to be less satisfied with their jobs and simply miss more time at work, even if it’s “just” a laceration. Guarded blades for unpacking products can help protect employees from very painful and problematic injuries. Not only do they protect employees, but the small investment in safety cutters from SafeCutters will help to actually save the company money overall.

Here at SafeCutters our priority has always been to provide creative solutions to protecting both people and products. When you choose a guarded blade for your company’s needs, you’re opting to reduce injuries and damaged product. With so many different types of guarded blades to choose from and the variety of price points we offer, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs when you shop with SafeCutters today.

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