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Box Cutting Safety 101

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There are many different industries that receive packages on a regular basis, whether it’s getting products in from a manufacturer or receiving supplies in order to provide a service. That means that a large amount of product has to be unpacked almost daily. During this process, there is always risk to employees who are opening boxes and unpacking these products. In fact, many worker’s compensation claims can come from this exact process simply because a utility knife slips or employees only have scissors to do their job. These claims can easily be reduced in any business, large or small, by basic training on how to use a utility knife for box cutting and also by providing employees with the best tools in order to do their job. Here at SafeCutters, safety in the workplace is exceptionally important to us. Keep the following tips in mind so that employees can do everything possible to stay safe utilizing utility knives.

Always Use a Sharp Blade

Along with being extremely important for utility knives and safety cutters, utilizing a sharp blade is important for just about any knife you will ever use. A sharp blade will cut much easier than a dull one. This helps to ensure that the blade doesn’t slip from the surface of whatever you may be cutting and cause injury. A sharp blade works with you, versus against you.

Pull Towards You

In addition to utilizing a shape blade, make sure that you always pull it towards you with control. This helps to make sure that your cuts are clean and straight. You also guarantee that you aren’t going to veer off course and accidentally cut someone by pushing the blade away from you.


Check the Cutline

When you get ready to make a cut and pull a utility knife or safety blade towards you, double check the cutline or knife path. Make sure that your fingers are clear of this area and that there is no clothing or other items in the way of your cutline. Also make sure that whatever you are cutting is secure so that when you pull the blade towards you, what you’re cutting doesn’t move or slip.

Choose The Right Tool

It’s important to choose the right tool for the right job. If you’re opening up boxes that have been secured with plastic straps, then the you will probably need the Klever Kutter to get them off. If you’re working to get boxes open that contain a wide variety of products that could easily be cut and ruined by a pair of scissors, opt for the Klever Excel to keep your product safe. Lastly, if you’re working on a job site and need a true utility knife for a variety of tasks, opt for the Titan Auto Retractable Knife.

Take Your Time

Lastly, in order to avoid any injuries, make sure to take your time. For thick materials, pass over the same cutline multiple times instead of forcing it to cut. Also, take the time to make sure you’re cutting whatever you need to safely. Shop for your safety cutters and utility knives online with SafeCutters today!

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