About Us


At Safecutters, Inc. “Our mission is to provide businesses worldwide, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, with the safest and most dependable utility knives and cutting tools on the market today, with our ultimate goal being reducing injuries in the workplace.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is willing to work with each and every customer to ensure they are using the right tool for their specific application”.

A family-owned and operated business, Safecutters, Inc., began its operation in 2005 with a passion for delivering safety and efficiency into the workplace. Family relative, Jeff Kempker, invented the “Klever Kutter” – a hugely popular safety cutter used in industrial and office settings, spurred the company’s ground work and laid the foundation for Safecutters Inc. to become an authority in the field of safe cutting tools.

Today, Safecutters, Inc. has grown from representing the single product of Klever Kutter into a leading distributor of safety blades.


Safecutters, Inc. is committed to promoting safer and more efficient workplaces for individuals and corporations worldwide.

While Safecutters, Inc. began as a leading distributor of the Klever Kutter and Klever Koncept, the company eventually expanded its niche in the safety market to include distribution of additional types of safety utility knives and blades.

Safecutters, Inc. continually researches and stays on the cutting edge of the newest available safety technologies.


As family members and business owners, the Safecutters team understands the importance of keeping both your employees and loved ones safe from injury.  In addition to safety, the implementation of safety knives creates many more advantages for the company and the individual. Eliminating product damage and employee downtime, saving money on workers’ compensation and related health care costs, are all motivations to invest in safety knives and safe cutting tools.  At Safecutters, Inc., we look forward to a time when open blade, unsafe cutting tools are a thing of the past in our homes and workplaces.


At Safecutters, we specialize in safety cutting tools, period! By concentrating on one product area, we stay focused and are ahead of new, innovative safety knives and the most efficient ways to serve our customers. By being attentive to product quality, solid customer service, quick delivery time, and product guarantee, we continue to be a leader in the safety knife industry.


For corporations with multiple facilities in need of safety knives, Safecutters Inc. makes it quick and easy for you to order products while saving money.  Contact us today to set up your master pricing agreement and secure special corporate pricing.  We can also arrange for your business to have its own customized ordering Website. Furthermore, we will keep you up-to-date on all new products and special savings opportunities through our monthly email newsletters.


If you want to reduce employee lacerations and eliminate product damage caused by unsafe box cutters in your company, Safecutters, Inc. can help. We understand the importance of implementing a safe cutting program and getting it right the first time. We are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way as you implement the use of new safety knife products in your workplace or home.