AS100 Replacement Blade (SC-7014-B)

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The perfect blade for industrial and trade applications


  • Box contains 100 replacement blades.

  • Powered by MOZART Blades.

  • AS100 Safety Knife’s recommended use: industrial and trade .

When your RITEKNIFE AS100 Safety Knife starts to dull out, you can efficiently and quickly swap out the blade with this box of AS100 Replacement Blades (SC-7014-B). Proudly powered by MOZART Blades, these safety blades are made in the beautiful Solingen, Germany. This large Safecutters box of RITEKNIFE’S 100 blades will come in handy for the days when you need safety blades the most, and we sell these replacement blades in bulk so you always have them at hand.

The RITEKNIFE AS100 Safety Knife features easy, tool-free blade changing so you don’t have to worry about replacing the safety blades. If you have an AS100 Safety Knife, don’t purchase an entirely new knife when yours starts to lose its sharpness. Stock up on AS100 replacement safety blades today.