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Every Clothing Seller Needs at Least One of These

Posted by Safecutters on

You could be a little business of just a couple employees or you could be a nationwide brand. It doesn’t matter. If you sell clothing, you need to have a plethora of safety cutters available and within reach. If you’re like most clothing businesses, you receive your merchandise in sealed boxes. Fabric is susceptible to being damaged by scissors. Having a safety cutter within reach is essential for your business for the following reasons.

Reduce Product Damage

Clothing can cost a lot to bring into a store and you don’t want to lose any profit you may gain from having damaged goods. If your employees currently open clothing boxes with scissors, stop that practice now. Try ordering the affordable Klever Kutter to keep around the store. This product makes opening boxes a breeze and does not cause damage to the product inside.

Stop Employee Injuries

Additionally, scissors can not only damage product in your store when you get shipments in, it can also cause employee injuries as they try to quickly process through the stock that comes in regularly. Safecutters carries a variety of safety cutters to help avoid this dilemma. The last thing any company wants is to have to pay out a worker’s compensation claim when it can be avoided. Again, the Klever Kutter is affordable and can help you avoid any employee injuries.

Don’t let any of your clothing product become damaged and discarded due to problems with packaging. Make sure that your business uses safety cutters in order to keep both the products and employees in one piece. Shop online with Safecutters today for a variety of safety cutter options for your business.