Get To Know The Easy Cut 2000 Box Cutter

Posted by Safecutters on Aug 27th 2019

The Easy Cut 2000 is a highly rated box cutter that you can buy online from Safecutters. This box cutter is a great knife to have around as it is very versatile. In today’s blog, we want to discuss some of the major features of the Easy Cut 2000 to give you a better idea of what you’re getting. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Safecutters today!

The Trigger

The Easy Cut 2000 has a comfortable trigger that you can gently squeeze to engage the blade. This does away with the thumb slider that most box cutters contain. The trigger is a much safer design over the slider as it automatically closes when you put the knife down — enclosing the blade inside the knife. This design not only stops the user from accidentally leaving the blade exposed, but it also avoids injuries from occurring while attempting to move a stuck slider up and down.

The Guides

Whether you are left handed or have just been forced to cut something at an unusual angle, you understand the safety issues and inconvenience of having the knife’s guides placed in the wrong spot. Yes, a safety feature can indeed become a safety hazard if they are not designed properly. The Easy Cut 2000 has adjustable edge guides on either side of the blade so it no longer matters if you are left or right handed. Extend the guide accordingly in regards to what you are needing to cut and the angle you are forced to use. This small, yet vital feature can take a box cutter to the next level in both safety and usability.

The Blade

Now onto the most important part of any box cutter — the blade. The Easy Cut 2000 contains a blade that can be extended to three different depths for maximum versatility. The shortest depth is perfect for cutting through single corrugated cardboard or tape. The middle depth works best on double corrugated cardboard, while the longest blade depth instantly turns your box cutter into a utility knife.

The three blade settings that the Easy Cut 2000 contains single-handedly makes this box cutter/utility knife one of the best on the market today. However, it doesn’t stop there. The blade also contains yet another safety feature — the blunt tip. Blunt tip blades are exactly as they sound. With a more rounded edge, there is less of a chance that an accident will occur that involves being stabbed by the end of the blade.

You can buy replacement blades for the Easy Cut 2000 box cutter here.

The Holster/Lanyard

A unique thing about the Easy Cut 2000 is that each knife comes with a holster and lanyard. The holster easily attaches to a utility belt or the waistline of a pair of pants, allowing you to keep your box cutter handy at all times. The lanyard attaches to both the Easy Cut 2000 and the holster, providing you with a feature that keeps your box cutter attached to you. This stops you from accidentally leaving your box cutter somewhere — possibly losing it for good. This holster/lanyard combination is an excellent addition to an overall great box cutter.

Buying Your Easy Cut 2000

Whether you are looking for a box cutter that will get the job done efficiently and safely for yourself or for your employees, the Easy Cut 2000 is one of the best options out there. When you buy the Easy Cut 2000 in bulk from Safecutters today, you can receive a discount on each knife as well as free shipping on orders over $100. Contact Safecutters today for more information about the Easy Cut 2000 or any of our other safety box cutters!