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Lacerations in the Workplace

Posted by SafeCutters on

With so many jobs nationwide that have a need for utility knives and other cutting tools, it’s no surprise that lacerations make up over 30 percent of workplace injuries, which results in well over one million hand injuries in the workplace per year. This can range from simple cuts and abrasions to full amputations, depending on the injury. Here at SafeCutters, we’re here to help employees avoid cuts and lacerations that could even lead to the need for stitches and worker’s compensation.

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation identified five typical causes of workplace cuts and lacerations that can be directly addressed. These are:

  • Poor Training
  • Lack of Safety Procedures
  • Employees Rushing or Taking Shortcuts
  • Failure to Wear Hand Protection
  • Missing Guarding Equipment

While we can’t help with all of these, we can directly help with several here at SafeCutters. The most obvious way we can help is by providing your business with guarded blades and cutting equipment. If your employees are regularly opening boxes or cutting materials with utility knives, our safety cutters can help to protect fingers from cuts and lacerations. With a variety of guards and safety mechanisms, you’re sure to find the product that is the right fit for your business’ needs, and at an affordable price.

In addition to providing employees with the appropriate safety cutters and guarded equipment, investing in safety cutters can help to improve your safety procedures and training. By providing the proper tools, it sets up the perfect time to implement specific training and safety procedures. This can include training as simple as how to properly use a utility knife to how to be aware of hand placement when utilizing a utility knife. Training is a key component of any workplace safety practices.

Another key component to reducing cuts and lacerations in the workplace is encouraging employees to slow down and properly use the tools at hand instead of rushing through tasks. Many employees think that their reflexes will save them or that it doesn’t matter this one time, however, proper attention to the task and safety procedures are the only way to guarantee safety in the workplace.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace cuts and lacerations have decreased by 26 percent between 1994 to 2003, due to the regular use of cut-resistant gloves across a variety of industries. This one industry change helped to eliminate over 50,000 cuts and lacerations that caused a loss of work per year. Now imagine that number shrinking even more with the help of SafeCutters. With the proper safety gear, whether it’s gloves or safety cutters and guarded utility knifes, many employee lacerations can be avoided. This benefits everyone with reduced employee downtime, reduced worker’s compensation claims, and simply reduced injury.

SafeCutters is the revolution in the average workplace to help reduce these lacerations and cuts from utility knives. Safety cutters help to protect fingers and helps to get jobs done quickly. Whether you’re a shipping department or a moving company, investing with SafeCutters is just good business. Shop online today.