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Make Recycling in the Workplace Easy with These Tips

Posted by SafeCutters on

With an ever-growing focus on the environment and caring for the planet, more and more companies are adopting recycling plans and habits in the workplace. However, simply deciding to have recycling at work is much easier than getting employees to regularly participate in these plans. Often, recycling opportunities are overlooked if the habit is not encouraged or rewarded in some way. Think about it. If you are given the option to go out for dinner over having to cook a meal for yourself, you’re going to opt to go out for dinner. The easier option is simply what people will gravitate towards. Because of this, you need to make recycling as easy as possible in the workplace if you want it to make a meaningful impact. Keep reading for a few tips to make recycling in the workplace easy and successful.

Make Bins Accessible

The first thing that needs to happen is that recycling bins need to be widely and easily accessible. If an employee can simply reach a trash can from anywhere in the office but has to walk a few doors down the hall to get to the recycling bin, they’re going to opt for throwing recyclable items in the trash instead. Bins should be easy to see and be as plentiful, if not more plentiful, as trash cans. Also, if you have to have recycled items divided, make sure to provide clear direction and visibly different bins for each group of items.

Have the Right Tools

If you are a company who ships in lots of products or supplies, you’re going to have lots of cardboard worth recycling. Providing employees with the right tools to breakdown boxes quickly and safely is critical in encouraging employees to do just that. Safety cutters are a great tool to provide for just this purpose. Items like the RZ-3 Spring Back Knife by Pacific Handy Cutter, that can be found online with SafeCutters, are an excellent option to keep around for employees to break down boxes and other large recyclable materials quickly and safely.

Start a Competition

A big part of improving and encouraging an employee recycling program is to make it a positive experience. Emails that say employees have to or that there will be negative consequences if they don’t, actually don’t work well to encourage something like an employee recycling program. Using positive reinforcement is the best way to achieve this. Try starting a competition between departments and provide rewards for the department that can recycle the most in a month, for example.

Design Strategically

In addition to providing enough bins and positively encouraging employees to recycle, think and design your program strategically. Make sure that you provide clear signage that is color coded. Make sure that employees can easily identify where certain items go with appropriate imagery. Even consider adding in some recyclables into the bin to “salt” the bin. This can encourage others to keep adding to the bin, much like how restaurants will “salt” the tip jar with an initial cash amount.

Let SafeCutters be your partner in establishing an excellent and exciting recycling program for your company. Shop online now for the right tools to help with your program!