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Photographers, Stock Up!

Posted by Safecutters on

If there is one piece of advice for success that prominently circles the portrait photography industry, it’s that no matter how big or small your business is, never sell digital images. Focus your business on selling physical products to your clients. Unfortunately, in 99 percent of businesses, photography products have to be ordered and can’t simply be printed in-house. Since you work with a professional printer, you will constantly be receiving product and having to ship product out again to clients. No photography business should be without the right utility knives to make sure the job gets done quickly and doesn’t damage prints, costing your business money. Consider the following reasons why every photography business should stock up online with Safecutters.

Protect Your Products

It’s important as a photographer to think about what your product is that you are providing to your clients. Yes, you’re taking digital images, but your final product for your client is typically a printed image. In essence, your product is paper. When your receive packages from your professional printer, you have to be exceptionally careful opening the package. Using the right utility knives, such as the Klever X-Change with Kurve Blade, can help you protect your product and reduce reordering costs due to damage.

Package Professionally

Additionally, it’s important to package prints and other products carefully when shipping them back out to clients. This can often mean packaging them in shrink wrap and more cardboard. Having the right utility knives to make this process go quickly can help to improve your productivity. The Safety Film Cutter can help to cut both shrink wrap and tape quickly and safely each and every time.

Safecutters are critical tools for any small or large business to help protect product and people. Shop with us online for tools for your photography business today.