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Provide Your Shipping and Receiving Department with the Tools They Need

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Any company that has multiple locations probably has a shipping and receiving department. A small company may only have a single person managing all of the products or supplies that enter and leave the facility. Or a bigger company may have a large, multi-person department that manages hundreds, if not thousands, of shipments on a regular basis. There are many different setups for a shipping and receiving department depending on a company’s needs. An e-commerce company that ships thousands of products all over the world daily is going to be different from a corporate shipping and receiving department that works solely with internal site-to-site packages. Each company’s department is a necessary piece of the puzzle, and each one needs the right tools to function as efficiently as possible.

Optimal Tracking System

Much like having the best point-of-sales software in a restaurant or store, having the right software in a shipping and receiving department is exceptionally important in order to maintain order and a chain of custody. Making packages easy to document and track is extremely important so that nothing gets lost, misplaced, or missed. Whether you have a purchased tracking system or you have an internal proprietary tracking system, it’s an absolute must.

Packing Materials

Your regularly-available packing materials will be dependent on what products you are most commonly shipping. Of course, every shipping department will need appropriate boxes, typically in a variety of sizes based on the most commonly shipped items. Along with boxes, you’ll also need to be sure to be stocked up on tape, bubble wrap or packing peanuts, and labels. For larger, heavier products, you may even need shipping pallets or crates in order to get your product where it needs to go safely.

Unpacking Materials

Often the shipping and receiving department is in the same place, with the same people. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, they are two separate departments due to the volume and processes involved. Receiving shipments requires a very different set of tools, in order to be efficient and safe, than those needed in the shipping area of your department. The number one item that all receiving departments need is an appropriate tool to open taped boxes. While a utility knife is functional for this purpose, there is a greater risk of damaging the interior contents and of an employee harming themselves in the process. Having a variety of tools, ranging from the Klever Excel for cutting through tape without damaging products to the Olo Safety Carton Cutter to easily remove box tops all available, makes the receiving department a more efficient and a safer place.


Shipping and receiving both benefit from having a recycling plan and program in place. Along with hiring the appropriate company to collect your recyclable materials, implementing a process to make sure specific items get recycled, like broken-down cardboard boxes that products were shipped in and even plastic packaging, is one of the best things you can do to get the ball rolling.

When you need to make sure your shipping and receiving department is fully stocked with all the products they could need, turn to SafeCutters for a variety of safety cutting tools and retractable utility knives in order to provide your employees with the products they need. Shop online with SafeCutters today!