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Reduce Food Waste with SafeCutters

Posted by SafeCutters on

Have you ever been to the grocery store, purchased your groceries, and come home only to find there is a hole in the pasta box or bread wrapping from when the product was unpackaged? For many people it’s not worth the trip back to the store for a dollar or two, however, if this gets noticed at the store prior to someone taking it home, the food product gets thrown out. Even if you work at a grocery store, you’ve probably fallen victim to this problem that can be avoided.

This can often happen due to the unpackaging and shelf stocking process. Obviously, individuals who work at a grocery store stocking shelves want to do so as quickly as possible, and typically the most common tool in order to open boxes is a utility knife. The problem with this process is that a utility knife can easily cut into the product, even more so when a shelf stocker is moving quickly. The utility knife blade is unguarded with a sharp tip that can easily go past the thin box cardboard or packaging tape.

There is a solution!

SafeCutters carries a variety of safety knives and utility knives that help to protect the company product, which in this case is food. Each guarded blade has a piece of plastic or metal that fits between the inside of the box and the product. As you slide the safety knife along the tape, the blade will never cut into the product packaging and cause you to have to take damaged items as a loss. With a variety of blades to choose from that fit all needs and price budgets, SafeCutters online is the only place to shop for your safety knife needs.