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Shipping Holiday Goods and Opening Them Safely

Posted by SafeCutters on

In a world where much of our holiday shopping is now done online and family can live a good distance away, UPS and FedEx are sometimes the only way to give and receive gifts. More often than not, shipping out heartfelt gifts can seem like a risk no matter which carrier you opt to work with. For all you know, they’re chucking boxes into the back of the truck like footballs and dropping boxes when they’re labeled fragile. Knowing how to pack and open holiday boxes can make a big difference in the success of your gift-giving endeavour.

Pack it Well

The main thing you should do when shipping gifts is assume that it’s going to be handled roughly. By assuming that your package will be handled roughly, you’re sure to make sure that everything is packed well. No matter what you are shipping there are some easy tips to follow to make sure your gift arrives safely.

  1. Pick Your Box- Take a close look at what you’re shipping and pick a box that is not only sturdy, but also an appropriate size. By choosing an appropriately sized box based on what you need to ship, you’ll lower your risk of damage. You’ll want to choose a box that can comfortably fit all the items in the box with a bit of wiggle room for padding. Additionally, if you’re shipping something very heavy, the US Postal Service offers flat rate boxes that are a great option for most packages.
  2. Buy Tons of Bubble Wrap- No matter what you’re shipping, make sure to include the appropriate amount of packing material. Whether it’s bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pouches, having the appropriate amount of packing material to keep the items in place is key.
  3. Tape It Up Well- There is an art to taping up a box well and avoiding hassle later when the recipient unpacks the items. It can be very difficult to know the best way to tape, but just follow this simple method. Tape the main closure first. Then, using the H-method, tape both edges that are perpendicular to the center closure. This way you have three pieces of tape holding the box securely closed.

Unpack it with Ease

While it may seem that unpacking a box will be easier and quicker than packing one, that’s not always the case. Let’s say your favorite sister sends you a package and you open it with a standard utility knife. Little did you know that it had a holiday photo card on top of some new clothes. The utility knife completely cuts the photo in half and puts a hole right through your new sweater. This could all be avoided by unpacking your holiday packages with a safety knife from SafeCutters. Try using the Klever Kutter to cut open the tape without damaging anything inside. Or use the Olo Safety Carton Cutter to easily cut off the top of the box with a retractable utility blade. Keep one on hand for all those boxes and other holiday packages you’ll be receiving this season! Shop with SafeCutters online today!