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Show Your Construction Workers Appreciation and Keep Them Safe

Posted by SafeCutters on

With the holidays coming up, many companies are considering ways in which to show their workers that they are appreciated and reward them for another year of hard work. If you own or run a construction company, it can often be difficult to find small ways in which to show your appreciation. First off, with a majority of men working in construction, choosing gifts can be exceptionally difficult. Second, construction workers don’t need staplers, tape dispensers, or a cool desk calendar on the job site. So what do you get for your construction workers to show your appreciation as a company?

Whether at home or on the job site, there are a couple of tools that no individual will do without. You’ll definitely find a hammer, a tape measure, and definitely a utility knife in every construction worker’s tool belt. However, have you ever really taken a look at your standard utility knife?

While you can retract the blade, there is no automatic mechanism to do so when the tool is not in use and this provides an additional risk on the job site that someone may grab their utility knife with an open blade, meriting a trip to the emergency room and some stitches. This can be prevented with a thoughtful gift. SafeCutters carries a variety of vanishing blade utility knives that would be a thoughtful and safe gift for your workers. This will always be a useful tool that every worker will constantly turn to, and at an affordable price, how could you not provide your workers with a safe gift that will constantly help everyday?