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Get to Know the Klever Excel from SafeCutters

Posted by SafeCutters on

If you love the Klever X-Change that we keep in stock here at SafeCutters, then you’re going to love our latest product from the Klever line: the Klever Excel. The newest product we now carry here at SafeCutters, the Klever Excel takes everything that you loved about the Klever X-Change and makes a more affordable, disposable safety cutter for your home or business.

As one of our most popular products, the Klever X-Change has always been able to impress many business owners with how easy to use it is and how safe. In fact, it’s products just like these that help to reduce the number of lacerations that occur in the workplace each year. Whether you’re at a shipping and receiving department or you simply have your own Etsy store, avoiding lacerations when packing and unpackaging products should always be at the forefront of your mind.

When we created the Klever Excel, we kept all the best features from the Klever X-Change, and made it truly the perfect safety cutter product. Some of the features that makes the Klever Excel so popular include the low price-point, the double-sided covered blade, and the ergonomic handle.

When you use the Klever Excel, you won’t believe that it is actually a disposable safety cutter. In fact, it’s one of the best handles that we carry for a disposable product. The ergonomic handle helps to reduce hand strain and fatigue, making it much easier to do your job for longer with this product.


In addition to the superior handle, the classic guarded double-blade design helps to protect both fingers and product. By having a guarded blade, it’s exceptionally hard to cut yourself when using this product. Fingers simply don’t easily fit where the blade is nor can the blade ever be used to jab at anything. For a business, it’s important that product is unpacked properly and safely, which this blade design promotes. When the Klever Excel is used on a box, the guarded blade will help to protect any product found inside, reducing the need to return product or order more due to damage.

And just like the Klever X-Change, we kept the always useful tape splitter feature. Along with having a guarded blade, the other end of the handle has a nub to be used as a simple tape splitter. This tape splitter is exceptionally easy to use and won’t cut fingers or product.

With an affordable price point, it’s easy to order a case of the Klever Excel for your place of business, and when one safety cutter wears out, simply discard it for a new one. You’ll never be searching for your company’s one box opener. Instead you will have many easily accessible without the risk of losing a more expensive piece of equipment.

Here at SafeCutters, we take safety cutters seriously because a work laceration is no joking matter. To prevent injury, down time, and added cost to a company, one simply needs to use any of our innovative products. Do your business a favor and shop online with SafeCutters right now.

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