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Branding Everywhere

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In a world that has a variety of products, tons of competition, and very little room to advertise YOUR business, it’s important to create and utilize your brand effectively. Branding can be anywhere. Your stationery should have your logo and pertinent information. Your business cards should be easily recognizable as your company’s. Your company can even go above and beyond; stocking up on branded pens, calendars, golf balls, or t-shirts can’t hurt at all. In fact, people simply LOVE to get stuff just like this, and every time they use it is another time they’re exposed to your brand.

To take this thought process up another level, branding now only provides company name recognition, but it also allows you to provide identification for your equipment, supplies, and accessories. Some businesses even go so far as to put company logo stickers on their potted plants. Not only does this help to to build up brand recognition, but it also helps to identify the full scope of your company.

For example, if you’re a shipping and receiving center and you provide your employees with all the supplies they could possibly need to do their job, then it might be important to brand these items. Your utility knives, like this SafeCutter Terac, has the perfect surface to add a sticker with your company logo to help remind employees that these items belong at work. Or if one gets misplaced, then people know where to return it to.

Branding is a psychological game of cat and mouse. You have to think about where individuals may be looking and make sure that your brand is visible in these locations. Obviously, your storefront will have your brand, but do your bags that hold purchases? Do you keep the interior of your workspace branded as well? Can customers clearly recognize where they are? Will they be able to leave your place of business with some sort of branded item? Keeping your customers thinking about your brand is important in producing return customers and improving your business’s overall growth.

Your brand is more than just an image or a logo. It’s also the thoughts and attitudes that occur when people think about your brand. A visual brand can quickly lead to a very specific reputation. Are you thoughtful? Are you prompt on delivery? Do you provide a good product? These are all questions that can be brought up just by an individual thinking about your specific brand. A brand is so much more because it can lead to the knowledge of whether you’re a good company to work with for specific needs or not.

As a company, you have to figure out how you want to be seen and how your brand is going to help you accomplish that. Providing the right promotional products, incentives, and inhouse branding can make a huge difference in the perceptions that your company continues to receive. Let branding help to build your reputation and provide a platform for your products to speak for themselves.  

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