Ceramic Box Cutter (SC-8101)

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A ceramic box cutter to speed up your everyday tasks


  • Includes one double-sided ceramic blade

  • Resistant to rust

  • Blade sharpness lasts up to 10 times longer than steel blades

  • Fully retractable and adjustable blade length

  • Easy access for blade storage

  • Less blade exposure for reduced injuries

We’re proud to offer the world’s first box cutter that features a ceramic blade: the Slice Ceramic Box Cutter. This box cutter offers an innovative patent-pending handle that will speed up the process of opening boxes, and its sleek and small design can easily fit into your back pocket, making it easily transportable.

Safety was clearly at top of mind for Slice innovators, as this Ceramic Box Cutter is non-slip, easy to hold, and limits the amount of ceramic blade exposure so your hand is less prone to any accidental injuries.

Shop this Slice Ceramic Box Cutter today, or for a Slice box cutter with an auto-retractable feature, check out the Auto-Retractable Ceramic Box Cutter option at Safecutters, Inc.

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