Ceramic Pen Cutter - Auto Retractable (SC-8300)

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An efficient ceramic cutter that is shaped and sized like a pen


  • Auto-retractable and replaceable blade

  • Easy, no-tool-required blade replacement

  • Rubberized slider button for optimal comfort

  • Ceramic blade that lasts up to 10 times longer than steel

  • Rust-resistant cutting blade

  • A safety-first design approach

With safety and efficiency in mind, Slice innovators created the Auto-Retractable Ceramic Pen Cutter to minimize your cutting time while adding a sense of convenience and comfortability. This ceramic pen cutter will speed up your box-opening time and can easily fit into your pocket for everyday use.

The Auto-Retractable Ceramic Pen Cutter also features a key ring hole so you can attach it to your keychain or lanyard, and the cutter’s rounded tips provide a sense of safety. With the double-edge feature, this blade has the same power as 20 metal blades. You can use this cutter for usage around the home, your office or other everyday activities.

Choose a convenient, safe and transportable cutter, and shop this Auto-Retractable Ceramic Pen Cutter by Slice today at Safecutters, Inc.

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