CSI-10 X-traSafe® Blade Cartridges 12/pack (SC-6016-B)

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The CSI-10 X-traSafe®  Blade Cartridges 12/pack (SC-6016-B) is a quick change replacement cartridge.  Never have to touch the blade with the safety guard built into the cartridge. Stainless steel blade resists corrosion & breakage, environmentally friendly replaceable cartridge. This cartridge-based knife was developed as a safe alternative to utility knives that use replacement razor blades. Spring activated blade guard protects users by closing after each cut. Manual guard lock ensures cartridges do not cause laceration injuries. FDA compliant, food-safe materials. Easy to clean, dishwasher & sanitizer safe. Non-fatiguing lightweight handle, high visibility color cartridge. Minimizes exposure to costly litigation and medical damages from injuries caused by loose blades in the workplace. Pack includes 12 replacement cartridge