CSI-10 X-traSafe® Cartridge Knife (SC-6016)

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The CSI-10 Xtra-safe Safety Utility Knife is the perfectly safe alternative to traditional utility knives. With minimal blade exposure, the CSI-10 helps negate costly litigation and medical damages brought from loose blades in the workplace.

The spring activated blade guard automatically closes after each cut to protect the user from accidental laceration. The manual guard lock ensure cartridges do not engage when not in use, simply push in the cartridge to unlock, and after use pull and the knife is secured.

Each Order Includes

  • 4x - CSI Safety Utility Knife Handles
  • 12x - 10mm Replacement Blade Cartridge

The CSI-10 is environmentally friendly and FDA compliant for use in the food industry.

  • Minimizes exposure to costly litigation and medical damages from injuries caused by loose blades in the workplace
  • Spring activated blade guard protects users by closing after each cut
  • Manual guard lock ensures cartridges do not cause laceration injuries
  • Stainless steel blade resists corrosion & breakage
  • Environmentally friendly replaceable cartridge
  • FDA compliant, food-safe materials
  • Tape splitter safely & easily opens taped boxes
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher & sanitizer safe
  • Non-fatiguing lightweight handle
  • High visibility color cartridge