Improve Your Bottom Line

By switching to a safe box cutter you improve your bottom line in more ways than one.

Reducing employee injury is a significant benefit of switching to safer knives. According to OSHA’S SAFETY PAYS PROGRAM each serious laceration can cost a business $38,000 in direct and indirect costs.  Indirect costs include workplace disruptions, loss of productivity, worker replacement, training, increased insurance premiums and attorney fees.  If a company operates at a 3-percent profit margin, it would require an additional $1,000,000 in sales to cover the cost of one injury. With many safety knives costing under $2.00 each, it makes business sense to switch to safer knives.

Eliminating product damage (unsaleables) is another way to improve your bottom line.  The damages caused by cutting into boxes contents are expenses that businesses simply do not have to deal with anymore.

Other potential cost savings are less potential for a lawsuit if cutter is left on the store floor, increased productivity from employees by using a tool they feel safe around and are not always cautious about an exposed blade.