Klever Excel PLUS (SC KK-505)

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SC KK-505

Modified cutting area for improved cutting performance


  • The multiple position handle gives you two options for optimal control and reach.

  • An ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue and stress.

  • The double wall blade makes cutting through double wall cardboard easy.

  • Recessed blade design keeps you and any package contents safe.

The latest addition to the Klever line of innovative safety knives, the Klever Excel PLUS has been designed to improve on everything you love about the Klever Excel Double Wall safety knife. The modified cutting area gives you the smooth slice you need to get through tough jobs quickly. Designed with special attention paid to its ability to get through double wall cardboard, it’s hard to find another safety knife that can do what the Klever Excel PLUS can do. The multiple position handle allows you to adjust for the control and reach you need to get the job done.