Klever X-Change PLUS Double Wall ( SC KK-302-DW)

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SC KK-302-DW

NEW! The Klever X-Change has been redesigned and is now available in slimmed down lightweight magnesium handle!  The new Klever X-Change PLUS-magnesium handle is far more durable, lighter and more ergonomic. For convenience it uses the same interchangeable heads as the original Klever Xchange. 


  • Ergonomic, lightweight & long-lasting magnesium handle reduces hand fatigue and stress
  • Standard Xchange model with two-sided blade head
  • Interchangeable Head design. Keep the handle, replace the blade. No tools required!
  • Recessed Blade prevents contact with fingers, eliminating costly injuries
  • Blade is high quality carbon steel
  • Recessed Blade prevents contact with contents, eliminating expensive product damage