Klever X-Change PLUS ( SC KK-302)

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SC KK-302

Lightweight and durable for ease of use


  • The ergonomic, lightweight, and durable magnesium handle reduces hand fatigue and stress.

  • Standard Klever X-Change model with two-sided blade head.

  • Interchangeable head design for easy, tool-free blade replacement.

  • Recessed blade design avoids accidental injuries by keeping fingers clear of danger.

  • High-quality carbon steel blade gives you performance you can count on.

The Klever X-Change has gotten a redesign, and the result is the Klever X-Change PLUS. Slimmed down, with its new lightweight, ergonomic magnesium handle; gone are the days of cramped hands from long hours using older safety knives. The Recessed Blade design not only keeps you safe, by keeping your fingers clear of danger, it also prevents unnecessary damage to the contents of a package its being used to open. For your convenience, the heads are interchangeable with other Klever X-Change blade heads, with no tools required to change them out.