MR100 Precision Safety Knife (SC-7018)

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Smaller size for precision jobs


  • Safety features not typically found in a safety knife of this size.

  • Blade-locking mechanism for additional safety.

  • Blunted-tip blade to prevents accidental punctures.

  • Easy, tool-free blade changing for stress-free replacement.

  • Mozart blade is made in Solingen, Germany.

  • High-visibility green makes it easy to keep track of.

Though pen-style safety knives are usually used for deburring or sample cutting operations, the MR100 Precision Safety Knife offers a level of adaptability and safety that takes it to the next level. Whether you need to have a safety knife that’s a bit more portable than heavy duty models, or you just need something that will be able to cut in a small space, you’ll have precision on your side. The MR100 Precision Safety Knife is perfect for everything from acting as a box cutter when you prepare a shipment to small-scale construction tasks to fun craft projects. The blunted-tip blade prevents accidental punctures, making it safe to carry in your pocket.