MR100 Replacement Blade (SC-7018-B)

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A replacement blade for industrial and trade applications


  • Box contains 100 replacement blades for RITEKNIFE MR100 Precision Safety Knife.

  • Provided by MOZART Blades.

  • MR100 Precision Safety Knife recommended use: industrial and trade.

If your RITEKNIFE MR100 Precision Safety Knife is becoming dulled, don’t just throw it out and replace it with an entirely new knife. This box of 100 MR100 Replacement Blades (SC-7016-B) offers future convenience and efficiency for when you need a sharper blade on the spot. When you buy replacement safety blades in bulk, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected, inconvenient trips to your local hardware store.

The MR100 Replacement Blade is proudly powered by MOZART Blades, a knife company headquartered in the beautiful Solingen, Germany. The MR 100 Precision Safety Knife is a smaller knife, and it features tool-free blade replacement to make changing your knife blade a more stress-free task.

Get your box of MR100 Replacement Blades today at Safecutters, Inc.