Raptor Safety Knife (SC-2408)

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The Raptor cuts through taped boxes with ease


  • Carton opener is designed to slice taped boxes open.

  • Twin blades are designed for multi-angle cutting.

  • Safety guard in place to prevent accidental injuries.

  • Safety lock designed to lock the blade when it’s not in use.

  • Easy, tool-free blade changing for stress-free replacement.

Safecutters is proud to present the newest addition to our vast line of Safe Cutting Tools, the SC-2408 Raptor. The unique, two-blade design functions the same way a pair of scissors does when its sliding through something. Unlike scissors, the blades have safety guards to prevent accidental cutting or piercing injuries, making the SC-2408 Raptor a safe alternative for your cutting needs. The Raptor also includes a built-in metal tape splitter that can be retracted into the body of the knife when it’s not in use; just another way to stay safe while you’re on the job. Constructed of heavy duty plastic, it provides durability you can rely on. The Raptor is perfect for opening taped boxes quickly without damaging the contents within.