RZ-3 Spring Back Knife (SC-5300)

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The RZ-3 Spring Back Knife makes cutting and changing blades fast and easy

  • This knife uses spring action to automatically retract its blade.
  • The quick change knob makes changing blades a snap.

The RZ-3 Spring Back Knife uses springs that automatically retract the blade into the handle, helping to optimize safety and comfort. This utility knife’s quick-change knob makes changing a blade quick and safe; all you need are your hands. You can even store an extra blade inside the handle! This ambidextrous box cutter also sports a blunt safety tip to prevent wounds while decreasing the risk of damaged merchandise.

  • Spring back, auto-retracting blade
  • Quick-change knob
  • Extra blade storage
  • Ambidextrous use
  • Blunt safety tip, reduces cuts and damaged merchandise

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