SL100 Replacement Blade (SC-7016-B)

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A perfect blade replacement option for industrial and trade usage


  • Box contains 100 replacement blades for RITEKNIFE SL100 Safety Scraper.

  • Powered by MOZART Blades.

  • SL100 Safety Scraper recommended use: industrial and trade applications.

The RITEKNIFE SL100 Safety Scraper is one of our top-selling safety blades at Safecutters, Inc., and we know the convenience of purchasing replacement blades for it. Instead of completely replacing the knife when it starts to dull, you can quickly and efficiently replace the knife blade when you purchase this box of SL100 Replacement Blades (SC-7016-B). This box contains 100 replacement blades to ensure you have a safety blade replacement when you need it most.

The SL100 Replacement Blade is proudly powered by MOZART Blades, a knife company based out of Solingen, Germany. The SL100 Safety Scraper also features easy, tool-free blade replacement so you don’t have to fret about changing your knife’s blade.

Stock up today on SL100 replacement safety blades at Safecutters, Inc.