SL100 Safety Scraper (SC-7016)

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The world’s first true safety scraper


  • Spring-loaded safety feature keeps you safe while you work.

  • Mozart blade is made in Solingen, Germany.

  • Easy, tool-free blade changing for stress-free replacement.

  • High-visibility green makes it easy to keep track of.

This first-of-its-kind safety scraper features an ergonomically designed plastic body for comfort through any job you put it through. Its spring-loaded safety mechanism helps you handle tasks quickly while protecting you and the scraper from damage or accidental injury. The SL100 Safety Scraper is perfect for cleaning surfaces, removing stickers or wallpaper, and many other tasks. The built-in lanyard hole makes it easy to carry when your hands are occupied with climbing up a ladder or carrying a load of supplies. The high-quality Mozart blade, made in Solingen, Germany, ensures you won’t struggle, like you would with a plastic blade.