Slice Auto-Retractable Ceramic Pocket Cutter (SC-8500)

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A ceramic pocket cutter with safety in mind


  • Auto-retractable and replaceable blade

  • Easy, no-tool required blade change

  • Rubberized slider button for optimal comfort

  • Ceramic blade that lasts 10 times longer than steel alternatives

  • Resistant to rust

If you’re looking for a pocket cutter for daily use, this Auto-Retractable Pocket Cutter by Slice is a perfect option to tackle all of your cutting needs. This ceramic pocket cutter is auto-retractable and has rounded tips to ensure high-quality safety. The ceramic blade can last up to 10 times longer than its steel blade alternative, and it is sized to perfectly fit into any of your pockets.

This Slice Auto-Retractable Pocket Cutter is perfect for use at home, the office or other hobbies you might have. It also features a key ring hole to add to your keychain or lanyard, and it is non-conductive and non-magnetic. Thanks to its long lifespan, you won’t have to replace the blade very often, ultimately resulting in less opportunities for injuries.

For a new ceramic knife that won’t let you down, shop this Slice Auto-Retractable Pocket Cutter today at Safecutters, Inc.

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