SO300 Safety Scissors (SC-7010)

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Taking safety scissors to the next level


  • The guarded blade gives you a high level of safety.

  • Large finger holes make them easy to use for anyone.

  • Added safety from the blunted blade tips helps you avoid accidental punctures.

  • Ambidextrous design works perfect for righties and southpaws alike.

  • High-visibility green color makes them easy to find.

From a young age, one of the first tools we’re taught how to use is a pair of scissors. However, even with safety scissors designed with kids in mind, there’s still inherent danger attached to them. Either they’re totally safe but struggle to cut through anything, or they cut easily but carry a lot of danger. RITEKNIFE saw an opportunity to update the safety scissor design for all ages with the SO300 Safety Scissors. With guarded blades and blunted tips, you’re no longer in danger of accidental injuries. The design allows you to cut through everything from paper to foil with ease. Perfect for classrooms, construction, manufacturing, and crafting, the SO300 Safety Scissors get the job done while keeping you safe.

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