SO400 Ceramic Blade Cutter (SC-7012)

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This ceramic blade cuts films and foils with no trouble.


  • Ceramic safety blade to prevents accidental cuts to users.

  • Integrated magnet for easy fastening to metal surfaces.

  • Lanyard hole allows for hands-free portability.

  • High-visibility green makes it easy to keep track of.

Whether you’re working in construction or shipping, this little wonder has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. The SO400 Ceramic Blade Cutter allows you to cut through single layers of film, foil, paper, and laminate sheet material without putting the user in danger of an accidental cut. The built-in magnet lets you fasten it to metal surfaces with ease. With a lanyard hole, you’re able to carry the SO400 Ceramic Blade Cutter hands-free, making it easy to stay safe when your hands are full. It works great for wrapping packages and preparing craft supplies, too.