“Safecutters helped us solve a major safety issue. They worked with us hand-in-hand to find the right cutting tool, providing samples and guidance to help us select the appropriate tool for the job. After the Titan solved our long-standing manufacturing problem, they brought the Easy-Cut 3000 to our attention. This solved an even bigger problem we had in our lab and shipping dock. The guys who protested the loudest became instant supporters of the product, and this helped us greatly reduce the risk of lacerations in shipping & receiving, and in the lab. Great company and great product.”

Thanks again for Safecutters’ ongoing  support of our production safety needs.

Michael Orfitelli



“We operate over 80 retail locations as well as a CDC. We used to average 5-10 laceration injuries per month, many did not need to to seek treatment, but had the potential to do so. Since we switched the company to use of the Klever Kutter in November of 2008 we have had ZERO laceration injuries!!

Not only will we see a reduction in our Workers’ Compensation claims this year, but we will see a reduction is WC medical costs, which will help to reduce our WC Insurance premium for the upcoming fiscal year. Using the Klever Kutter is a sure way to help positively impact the bottom line.”

Sue Potts
MC Sports



“Well I have about as safe a desk job as there is. As a weekend warrior I bought the Safecutter with the intention of using it around my place from time to time. Never could I have imagined how often it comes in handy around the office. From boxes to letters to odd jobs I have found it never leaves my pocket throughout the day. It’s not often you purchase something that exceeds your expectations, but with the Safecutter I have. Thanks Safecutter team and keep it up.”

Zack Rosenberg



David Hintz, accident fund loss prevention advisor for Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, said his company strongly encourages the use of the Klever KutterTM to its clients to prevent injuries such as cuts on the legs, hands and arms. “It’s a good product and we expect to see better results with it,” said Hintz, comparing Klever Kutter to open blades. “That’s one of the better or best ones we’ve ever seen. It’s simple and it’s effective, and that’s about all you can really ask from a tool like that. It’s very safe for its intended purpose.” Hintz said using a product like the Klever Kutter can save money by eventually resulting in fewer insurance claims and lowering insurance costs.

Though he said his company does not offer a discount for using the product, Hintz said pricing does reflect the client’s willingness to comply with safety regulations and suggestions. “Next time you consider breaking out the high explosives to open one of those impenetrable plastic clamshell packages, use the Klever Kutter instead. Even though it’s packing ultra-sharp razor blades, there are no exposed cutting surfaces and it’s guaranteed not to cut you or that valuable gadgetry/snack food on the other side of that bulletproof plastic shit in which it’s entombed. Not a bad deal for less than two bucks.”

Charlie White



Since Safecutters forwarded our Company Safety Knife samples in June 2009, we had various Warehouse Associates use your product on a trial basis. In the past, SYSCO Food Services of Winnipeg had used other brands of Safety Knives, most of which were to cumbersome and slow to use, weighed too much, and in almost all of the cases caused damages to clothing.

Every Safety Knife that Safecutters gave us worked extremely well, and all of our Warehouse Associates were extremely pleased with them. In particular, the “KLEVER KONCEPT” lasted longer and stayed sharper than any other disposable knife that we have ever used.

In the end, I just wanted to “Thank You” for the excellent customer service that we have received over the last 6 months, and for introducing this product to us.

Just to share the comments that I received, here is what our workers thought of the Safecutters Safety Knives during our trial period:

  • “the blade has lasted me over three months, and still cuts without hesitation.”
  • “easy to use, easy to take-out, and doesn’t get caught on clothes.”
  • “this knife even cuts through large amounts of wrap, you can even bunch up all the wrap around one pallet, and it cut’s through the whole thing. every other knife you would have to cut a couple times to cut through.”
  • “the knife cuts the seam, not the product.”
  • “you can guide with your hand when cutting, and not have to worry about cutting your hand – you can’t cut yourself.”
  • “doesn’t make boxes collapse or damage them, it cuts boxes very easily.”
  • “this knife is awesome, I love it, the blade on mine never seems to get dull.”