Titan/Nummo Replacement Blade Dispenser (SC-1158-B-STD)

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If your SC-1158 Titan and SC-1160 Nummo model cutters from Safecutters, Inc., are gradually losing their sharpness and are becoming dull, it might be time for you update your cutter’s safety blades. Our Titan Replacement Blade Dispenser at Safecutters, Inc. comes with 75 replacement blades per dispenser, so you won’t have to worry about running out of safety blades for several years!

The design of the dispenser makes it easy to retrieve one blade at a time in a quick and efficient manner. We designed it that way for safety and convenience reasons, which we know are of utmost importance in the workplace. When you purchase this dispenser, you won’t have to worry about restocking blades for your Titan or Nummo cutters for quite some time!

Plus, by pairing a PHC Blade Dispenser to the front of the PHC Blade Bank (SC-5336) you create a blade change station that will increase the safety and efficiency of your staff. By using both items together your employees will be encouraged to properly dispose of loose blades and easily access new replacement blades near their work stations and throughout your facility, ultimately increasing overall productivity.


  • 75 replacement blades per dispenser
  • Quickly and safely dispenses one blade as necessary
  • .025 thickness for all-purpose cutting.
  • Ultra-sharp, professional quality blade
  • Can be used for SC-1158 Titan and SC-1160 Nummo models